Volunteering in Chile

Volunteer as you experience the culture and people of Chile.  Available projects in different fields, locations and for different age groups.

Corporate Volunteering

Looking for a country to develop your corporate volunteering project?  We offer the best support for your logistics and for people to people experiences.

High School Chile

Spend a semester or academic year in Chile sharing with a host family and attending a local school as a regular student.  Improve your language skills, make new friends, discover and live a new culture

Cultural & Educational Experiences for University students

Connect with us to participate in unique educational and cultural experiences during your exchange program in Chile or if you are planning to come to Chile as faculty led program.

Close Groups

Your best choice to partner and develop your program ideas in Chile.  We welcome close school groups and other organizations of different interests and ages.

Customized Programs

Let's work together to turn your ideas and needs into real opportunities in Chile