We facilitate in-country program planning, development, logistics and support to help achieve program goals in educational travel and cultural exchange experiences in Chile and other countries in the region.

Discover, learn, immerse, experience and explore Chile and the region from the inside, with our guaranteed experience and passionate professional staff. 

Our programs are designed to meet the needs and goals of:

  • High School Groups interested in exploring Chile (different countries & languages)
  • University Exchange students in or to Chile(cultural and experiential learning activities and encounters)
  • Academic & Faculty Groups (Thematic components and contacts)
  • Open or Close groups of people with similar cultural or educational travel interests (high school groups, teen groups, winter or summer camps)
  • Individuals who would like to discover Chile learning about its people, places & cultures

GENERAL SERVICES may include: logistics, transportation, meals, accommodation, lecturers, contact with locals, group leaders, language teachers, activities, tickets, meeting rooms and spaces, program planning and development among other things.

Educational Travel & Cultural Exchange experiences in Chile  

Your best in-country partner to help you have a successful experience in Chile or abroad

Inbound Services

  • Tailor made programs
  • Travel services for diverse interest groups(transportation, accommodation, activities, logistics, etc)
  • High school exchange in Chile (individual and groups)
  • Group travel
  • Institutional groups
  • University exchange students
  • Volunteering (Home language Tutors; English Language School Teacher Assistant)
  • Faculty travel programs
  • In-country orientations and support( introduction to Chile; lectures on different fields, lecturers, student support, etc)

Outbound Services

  • Intercambio Escolar Internacional
  • Cursos de Inglés  e idiomas en el extranjero
  • Voluntarios y Pasantías
  • Au Pair en USA
  • Experiencias Kimunche, Grupales en Chile y  el extranjero
  • Programas grupales de idioma + cultura + actividades
  • Programas de intereses especiales para colegios, universidades, agrupaciones, organizaciones, etc.


People to People 

Cultural & Educational Experiences

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